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Abbey Island – Ring Of Kerry – Derrynane

Abbey Island – Ring Of Kerry – Derrynane

The ruined gothic abbey at Derrynane Co Kerry is set on an island and can only be reached at low tide. Situated on Irelands Wild Atlantic Way it is surely one of the most spectacular parts of the whole West Coast travel route. 

Charles & Camilla aren’t the only ones who fell in love with Derrynane!  The Abbey Island at Derrynane is special, from the very first day my eyes met with this amazingly beautiful location I knew it would be a love story between us forever.

Often times it’s months before we get to meet, from nowhere a longing and yearning to return and re-enhance the love I have for the island starts deep inside my core. This feeling gets to be so strong, ignoring it does not become an option.

The four seasons are not in any of the equation, Abbey Island is stunning 365 days a year, in rain, hail, snow, wind or sun the island is a special place to experience.

The ruins date back to the 6th century when St. Finian clearly had the same love of the Island and founded its first abbey. All that remains from that abbey is the Romanesque church, two other buildings  attached are believed to be from the 10th century


Amongst many notable people buried here, the grave of Mary O’Connell wife of the famous Irish liberator Daniel O’Connell stands out the most. O’Connell campaigned for Catholic Emancipation in the early 19th century and for whom O’connell St in Dublin is named

The ruined gathic abbey at Derrynane Co Kerry is set on an island and can only be reached at low tide. Situated on Irelands Wild Atlantic Way


The cemetery is still in use today for local families with the tradition of carrying the coffin across the majestic beach only accessible at low tide still very evident and a reminder of our not to distant past when most funerals were conducted this way.

Anyway, back to my love story, the expectation before arrival never leaves and arriving never disappoints, for me spending as much time as possible on the island or its surroundings is good for my very being, it most definitely grounds me to be in such beauty and with such history, it keeps me humble to how little time we have to enjoy such magnificence.

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Hope you get to visit soon, believe me when you do you will never forget the Island, you may even fall in love with her charms the same way I did the first time we met.