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Autumnal Client Briefs

.The Autumnal Client Briefs

With the changing season upon us we had a client looking for Autumnal light and shades. This brief was really exciting to work with as its my favourite time of year. 

We had three key pieces the client wanted to work around; O’ Sullivan’s Cascade – Caragh Lake Sunrise – The Road. I took the 3 different shapes and created a gallery wall to present to her. We were both really pleased with the outcome! 

Our client was worried that the colour on her wall was going to be too light compared with our own dark blue. This is a question that is asked of us every day, we only pick tones from our images that will work with your chosen colour. Their chosen paint was grey/beige and any similar tones would work well. If anything they would be even warmer against the new colour.  

Autumnal Client Briefs

To introduce a warmer tone we suggested a darker curtain which they had already chosen and it picked up the amber tones perfectly. We hope to see the final finish soon!

If you are looking for help don’t hesitate to ask us to move the frames closer or create a collection for you. It can make all the difference to see two or three pieces together and you get to see what is achievable with sizes and frames. 

We waved off to the voyagers this morning and wish them all the best on their journey. (I hope the crossing isn’t too bad!) 

Call to see us at The Gallery 21 to see our new pieces, have a great weekend!