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December Daily | Day 3

December Daily | Day 4

December Daily | Day 3

December 3rd is a special day as it’s the year’s one and only full supermoon. Or Cold Moon, Moon Before Yule, or Long Night Moon. How festive. 

We didn’t have any Winter Moon images, but we do have an Autumn Moon. You might recognise this house in it’s past life? 

December Daily | Day 3 |  Autumn Moon

December Daily | Day 3

Not only will we get to see a Full Super Moon, we hear Santa has opened his Cottage on New Market Lane in Killarney! 

(We’ll find out who is getting coal for Christmas this year..)

With that in mind we must mention the incredible ‘Things To Do in Killarney’ event list. December is jam packed with things of the whole family, right on our doorstep! 

We’ll be open every day during the festive period, call to say hi and pick up your orders! 

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