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Lovers Rock, Love Stories

Requires A Little Magic

Lovers Rock, Love Stories

The Post Office has shipped more prints of Lover’s Rock than any other but especially this  July. This stunning image has been gifted more than any other print! 

Gifted as

  • a Birthday present
  • a present to a lady from her husband for their first born
  • a gift to a brother who lives away from home
  • a reminder of a couple’s trip to Ireland 
  • an engagement present
  • as 2 First Anniversary gifts (As Paper is the traditional gift this is a perfect choice).

One lovely lady has passed Lover’s Rock in our window every day as she walks to work and has put a deposit on it. To meet someone who truly loves the work and has to have it?

Stories like this make our day. This one image has plenty of love stories now and we can’t wait to hear more of them.

The Gallery Team

Lovers Rock, Love Stories