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In Motion

The Gallery 21

In Motion 

Keith has been introducing some stellar work into the gallery but also online recently. A new style and theme has been explored and the results are amazing. 

We love when he has visited (despite the West Ham updates!) we know there is new work left for us to see.

Most recently his usual minimalist style has become more impressionistic and abstract. New textures found are more like brushstrokes on canvas than a clear photograph. 

Not what we expected to see 18 months ago when we were living in black and white. Colour is everywhere and it’s more than welcome to stay!

Fenit Island
Moving the camera to suit the beach dunes without losing Fenit Island in the grass was the challenge and here it works perfectly.
Copper Mines
The Copper Mines on Killarney’s Ross Island, have a long tapestry of history. My goal here was to bring the everyday visable colour into life in print. Hopefully I have achieved it.
In Motion
Derrycunnihy Waterfall Movement captured in the Killarney National Park. Part of Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way

Artists Note:

Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) is a method I am developing daily, something which I’m very excited about. Some of my all time favourite captures have been in the past few months. As an artist, it’s all about having the freedom to change the ‘normal’ and create something even more beautiful than expected.

Setting this new style into motion, we will be printing and adding new pieces to The Gallery 21 in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

The Gallery Team


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