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Opening The Killarney Camera Club Exhibition

Opening the Killarney Camera club Exhibition.

Keith was contacted recently to officially open and be the guest speaker at this year’s Killarney Camera Club exhibition. The exhibition will be hanging in the excellent exhibit space of the Killarney Town Library and will be open to the public from 7.00pm Thursday 22rd March.

The title and theme by the club is ‘ The Story Behind The Picture’.  Where members are being asked to not only print their entry but also to create a small bio on what their thoughts were at the time they took it. 

This is something that is very important to Keith’s work process, the resonance of what he was thinking and how he viewed and captured the art piece he creates which is a topic that is regularly discussed with our gallery clients.

Its our opinion that when a client is purchasing from the gallery they are emotionally connecting to what Keith was able to present to them in a way that carries the same feelings for themselves. It is no secret that Keith began his photography journey by being a member of a camera club in Tralee, and he remembers well when Killarney Camera Club reformed after being dormant for several years.

The images he captures today in art pieces for the gallery or captures for our Stock Library portfolio all by his own admission have their origins and roots in his early days of camera club membership.

In the relative short period of time from Keith’s camera club days, photography has revolutionised at a super fast speed,  testament to this Keith says is the thousands of slides he has sitting in boxes that he swears he will get round to making electronic copies of in the coming months, many of which he says will be serious contenders to hang in The Gallery 21.

We are looking forward to meeting old friends and being introduced to many new ones at the opening of the Killarney Camera Club Exhibit, it will be an evening of great fun and discussion and open to anyone who wishes to attend. We would also highly recommend this as a must visit for schools and any students interested in photography and art. 

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