The Lonely Road

The Road


A Lonely Road which trails off into the distance, bring into the mix an approaching storm, what more could I ask for to create a special piece.. From childhood travelling roads like this with my father always sent my imagination racing. Sometimes the fear of dads car stoping in the middle of nowhere scared the life out of me, other times the sense of adventure of this happening enthralled. This Lonely Road is the Ballagasheen Pass, part of a road network that runs through the spine of the Kerry Mountains. On Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way.



The Lonely Road

Keith strives to provide the highest quality and finish for both framed and unframed prints. To achieve this he prints all images himself. Colour images are printed on 310gm Soft White Archival Museum Paper and framed in a 2” Solid Off-White Wooden Frame. This high quality, heavy weight paper ensures the images retain their texture, depth and colour pigmentation.

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When you purchase one of my prints you are purchasing the actual print, with the right to display the print for viewing for non- commercial purposes. However, unless specifically authorized in writing, you may not scan, duplicate, copy, resell, publish or otherwise utilize the image in any manner without prior written authorization- You will own the print, not the rights to the original image.

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