Mountain stream

Mountain Stream


Making my way through the Black Valley the natural silence of the area made every little sound stand out like a symphony. I could hear the mountain stream from a long way off, even when its sound was at its loudest I still could not see it. Hiding my main bag and lenses under a thick bush I went climbing with camera and tripod to discover the route of the sound. It did not take long to find and the innocence of the beauty of the setting struck me immediately. The purest of clear water was making its way down from the mountain top in view to the distant lakes below and it was simply stunning to experience.



Mountain Stream

Keith strives to provide the highest quality and finish for both framed and unframed prints. To achieve this he prints all images himself. Colour images are printed on 310gm Soft White Archival Museum Paper and framed in a 2” Solid Off-White Wooden Frame. This high quality, heavy weight paper ensures the images retain their texture, depth and colour pigmentation.

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