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Twenty Eighteen

Twenty Eighteen

Twenty Eighteen

As twenty eighteen draws its last few breaths, it seems only fitting to reflect on the positives of the last twelve months and the end of our second year in the Gallery 21.

Both the gallery and my photography, in general, has grown and developed beyond anything that I had imagined if I were writing this at the same time last year.

Ev’s vision for the gallery reached its fulfillment in twenty eighteen in early autumn, all the elements were in place, the final piece of the puzzle was the carpet (a bold move for any gallery to put in place) which when in place transformed the Gallery 21 beyond any vision that I personally had for it.

I have seen my work be shipped to the four provinces of Ireland and beyond these shores it has gone to and proudly hangs in Australia, Dubai, HongKong, Singapore, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, Tasmania, New Zealand and finally for this year Norway.
It is beyond humbling to think that my artwork is now truly international, yes of course when my dream and vision for The Gallery 21 had the potential of reality, I did allow myself the thoughts of the above events, but seeing them happen throughout the course of twenty eighteen is as I previously said very very humbling. 

The artwork hanging in the Gallery 21 in twenty eighteen is a galaxy away from the artwork we first opened with! Let me say at this point I was and still am extremely proud of the initial artwork. However, the well-documented here direction I find my work moving is so exciting (especially our client’s reaction to it) that twenty nineteen is a period of time I am grasping with both hands excited by the prospect of artwork to be captured. 

Twenty Eighteen

While thinking about this post and how to write it, I realised that in later months of the year I was letting my posts get further apart. On reflection, it was because of my own changing direction and all the confusion and personal questioning that comes with such shifts.

So where are we going in The Gallery 21?

twenty eighteen

We are comfortable in the world of retail, but The Gallery 21 goes beyond retail and into many realms of business that identifies a gallery and its artist as a brand.

Our goal and its objectives in twenty nineteen is to build a portfolio of artwork that is individually identifiable to the gallery work that cannot be repeated or copied and work that our clients will be very proud to own and display.

This journey is only beginning and we would love to have you make the journey with us. It will we know be a road of highs and lows all of which we hope to bring you through our blogging and social media pages. We are still a new venture in the gallery and art world, we are fortunate to live in a region that brings people from the world over to our doorstep.

In our short lifetime, we have met some amazing people that have offered insights into the world we are moving within, their help from a place of kindness and enthusiasm has not been lost on Ev and myself and something which we will cherish forever and hopefully one day pass on should we be asked.

twenty eighteen

Twenty nineteen is going to be a year of personal and business growth when I come to reflect on the year that was this time next year I plan on starting the article with the word ‘Wow’ just simply “Wow’.

Heres hoping your dreams and plans going forward will achieve everything and beyond for you.

Happy new beginnings from Ev & Keith.